I’ve been working a lot lately. As I’m a freelance writer, this is neither predictable ahead of time nor likely to continue in any similar form in the future. I am extremely lucky in that I have one great client that I work with most of the time, and a few assorted fun ones on the side. It does mean that my schedule is exceedingly random – some weeks I have loads on and every spare moment I am holed up in a cafe somewhere with my head in my laptop. Other times I am at a loose end, and Elliot and I wander the city visiting playgrounds and mapping out routes between drive-through coffee shop lanes when he falls asleep in the car

I know many people come to terms with the time away from their child for work thing much earlier, but for me, this issue is coming up now. Because I’m not at an office for a set amount of time, it feels like I am revisiting the ‘go-back-to-work’ thing whenever I get a lot of assignments and have to bring him to daycare a few days in a row.

It is kind of hilarious as both Christopher and I do a fair amount of work from home, take conference calls and work non-standard hours, that seeing one of us sitting in the bed with a laptop triggers Elliot to ask ‘Daddy (or Mummy) at work? no matter what time of day it is or what we’re wearing (or not wearing, ahem).

It feels good to be working, to be contributing to our household budget in both the incomings and outgoings columns – but I am still mastering the keeping the flat from looking like a tip and getting laundry done part. I am dead impressed with those of you with more stringent out-of-the-house schedules.

*I hate it when I say this.

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