Elliot’s school supplies list landed in my inbox yesterday.

Cue the panic.

We’re into the final countdown to his first day at preschool. He will be going five days a week, for three hours each day. It feels like a massive change to our current non-schedule of occasional childcare a couple times a week whilst I work on writing assignments, visits with grandparents, days out to the beach, the aquarium or Science World.

I worry he won’t be able to get his shoes off and on. That he won’t go down the stairs to the classroom on his own. That he’ll hate it and we will have scarred him for life. Oh I don’t know, everything and anything.

This month has become so busy with work, which is encouraging and good, but it has also made the time fly by. I wanted every last day before he enters the big tunnel that is School to be special, memorable days of idyllic free play, muffin baking and giggling. We’ve had some brilliant days already this month, but even though we haven’t even started school yet, I can’t help but already see his first three years with various Instagram filters and soft focus in my mind. Smoothing over the battles, shouting, crap sleep, potty training chaos and more – and that’s only the last year – of course.

Ah. Three more weeks or so…

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