I’m rubbish at exercise.

I’m the first one to admit I need to have someone telling me what to do, pretty much the entire time. I’m good at following instructions, however, and am happy to plug away at martial arts at a beginner level. I love my capoeira classes.

Before I found capoeira, however, I found Barre Fitness. I like the ballet-style workouts, the spare studio with its clean lines and wood floors. When they approached me with a crazy blogger challenge to go to 21 classes in a month, I thought, yes! Let’s go!

And then – crap, how am I going to do this with Elliot?

I was halfway through writing an email turning them down, when I remembered the new North Vancouver location offered child minding. It would mean getting to North Van every morning for 9.15am. This plan was getting more insane by the minute.

Yesterday morning we managed our first class despite a pavement skid on the way to the car. It’s been awhile and my barre muscles are a bit weak, but I’m really looking forward to getting stronger. It was just bliss to be able to do a class with Elliot being entertained close by.

I’ll post about my progress here, as well on my Facebook page and on twitter. You can follow, if you should so desire, at #barrefitnessbloggerchallenge. Also, you could win something exciting at the end of this, so keep reading…

Disclosure: Barre Fitness approached me, and gave me a month-long unlimited membership for free.


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